Running buddies!

After an intense week of two-a-days, a day off on Saturday in the car was a welcome break and running with Jessica yesterday was awesome! The weekend started out a little later than planned because some unexpected car trouble delayed us several hours. After fog and crazy rain, we finally arrive to Michigan!


I forgot to take a photo yesterday so this photo from a couple months ago will have to do!

Jessica and I met a couple years ago when we had both just graduated (she had completed a master’s and I had just finished college). We were unemployed and applying for jobs all summer and would run together occasionally. And that is how we became friends. Running can lead to great friendships. We’ve done two half marathons and a marathon (ugh…that marathon) together.

Jessica is not my only running buddy. Now that I’ve joined a running group, I run with people at least once a week. You really get to know people well when you spend several hours running with them every week. Jessica and I only get to run together a couple times a year, so we really have to take advantage when we can!

We timed Sunday’s eight miles for when the world’s cutest toddler my nephew was taking his morning nap. We set out for a fun run through Ann Arbor. It’s always fun to have some new scenery to run with and running is a great way to catch up with friends! Plus, Jessica had a pretty amazing slide down a hill while I watched breathlessly. She survived and then we were a bit paranoid about ice but made it through!

As an awesome, unrelated comment: my nephew can now say Hannah!