An Exciting Day!

Man, December is always a busy month of socializing and between last night and tomorrow night I have five parties/events to go to! Geese louise! Then I think I’ll sleep for a few days. But I forgot to take any photos last night! (Update: hey look, Mary sent out a photo so I can include it now!)


The festivities started off last night with a happy hour  hosted by Active Life DC with some other bloggers. I was invited to a blogger happy hour?! I guess that means I’m a real blogger now. It was fun to meet new people and talk about running and training (and, of course, eating). I spent most of the time talking with Megan from Food & Fitness who also got injured in training for her first marathon earlier this year!

Other bloggers there were: Minutes per Mile, the Curvy Road Runner,  MOARfit, and Cakehole Management.

Not so fun was realizing the gin & tonic I had ordered came up to $13 with tip! I could make six at home for that price (probably using better gin and better tonic). After waiting 20 minutes for my check, it was close enough to raffle time that I waited a few more minutes and won five yoga classes! I don’t remember where they are for…oops! I thought I knew but now I’m second-guessing myself, I’ll just have to wait to see when I get the voucher by email!

Then I rushed off to go to the Washington Peace Center’s Activist Awards Gala. I went with a friend from school and we didn’t stay too long but it was fun to see. It really was a community event, which was really nice! I’ve not been to many of those around here. So much of this city/region is focused on national and international problems, that it’s easy to forget Washington has its own local activists doing amazing work.

Then, because there was a Five Guys nearby, I picked up a Little Bacon Cheeseburger and Little Fries (they now have Little Fries so if you’re by yourself, you don’t end up eating enough fries for half the town!). For a long time, I had absolutely zero willpower. If I was by a Five Guys, I got a burger. But I realized last night that the last time I ate at Five Guys was last December! Look at me resisting temptation! (It helps that there’s not one super conveniently locate to most places I spend time…like my living room.)

Now, time to rest up for more the rest of the weekend!