Women at Work

So I realize many of my posts have been about women and feminism. This was not really my intention when starting this blog, but since training isn’t in full on take-over-all-of-my-thoughts mode yet and I just saw, yet again, an infuriating headline, why not talk about feminism a bit? Plus, I have no doubt that equality of all kinds leads to healthier communities and a healthier world so there you go, feminism is related to running!

I’m going to graduate with a Master’s degree in May. I’m excited and nervous for bunches of reasons. Most importantly, I don’t feel like I’m a master of anything except maybe sleeping on airplanes. But also I’m a woman. I will graduate in 2014. This should not be of concern to me, but it is. Another big reason I’m nervous is that I’m worried I won’t be taken seriously as a professional because I look so young. I’ve been asked twice in the last month if I’m in high school. Someday I will be quite happy if people ask me if I’m in high school, but right now I want to not have to worry about people thinking I’m an adult.

There have been several articles recently by high powered women writing about work-life balance and how difficult it is for women to climb to the top. From Marissa Mayer (who was criticized for accepting a job as Yahoo’s CEO while pregnant) to Anne-Marie Slaughter to Sheryl Sandberg, there is finally a new conversation about women in the workplace and a recognition that the status quo does not work and is not welcoming to women who don’t want to put up with a man-centric world. Each of these women has a different take on professional women and show that it’s important, yet again, to not throw all women into one category. (I’m not going to critique articles/interviews by these women, but it’s important to see women in executive positions that have different ways of dealing with being in careers that have long been dominated by men.)

Anyway, here are some of my current rants about media and women:

  • The Huffington Post writing 21 Pajamas Your Boyfriend Wouldn’t Mind Catching You In. Wait?! I’m supposed to worry about my (non-existent) boyfriend seeing my pajamas?!?!?! Maybe that’s what I’ve been doing wrong all this time! Time to go buy some sexy pajamas.
  • Hillary Clinton or Elizabeth Warren? Do we really only have room for one woman leader in the Democratic Party?! They both kick ass, why is there so much debate about which one is better?
  • “Health” magazines still writing about being skinny. Skinny does NOT mean healthy and healthy does NOT mean skinny. Maybe Women’s Health should rename itself “How to keep worrying about other people liking you.”
  • Cosmo has a cover story every fr***ing month about pleasing your boyfriend/man/husband. Here’s an idea: maybe we should spend some more time thinking about what we want instead of what men want?!
  • Miley Cyrus twerking and swinging around naked on a wrecking ball (disclaimer: for whatever reason, I can’t stop watching this video) prompting conversations about whether we should respect her. What ever happened to respecting all people? Who the hell cares if she swings around naked on a wrecking ball? Why not use it to have constructive conversations about body policing and about the pressure put on women to be some weird definition of perfect instead or how women are called terrible names when they try to conform to unrealistic expectations?
  • A bra that detects stress to warn women against stress eating.