Breaking a streak with Hawkeye wins.

So, I’ve been on a roll recently. I went a month without missing any workouts I had planned on. I even went on a (fast) run Thanksgiving morning, forgoing quiche and other awesome breakfast foods in order to not break my streak.

But then, Hawkeye (not Hot Guy as people often think I’m saying) football happened on Friday. In case you weren’t aware, I am an Iowa Hawkeye. So I put on my black and gold and ventured down to watch Iowa beat Nebraska Friday afternoon, thinking it would be over early and I’d head back and go to the gym and make good progress on a paper. But then football turned into basketball and we watched the Hawkeyes win twice in one day. And then it was 10:30 and I hadn’t worked on my paper or been to the gym. Shucks.

I was beating myself up over this. After all, I’d been on perhaps the longest workout streak of my life. Then I realized that was exactly the reason it was okay. After nearly a month of some form of exercise every day (don’t worry, some of the days were super light), a day off is okay. It’s not ruining a streak. Plus, this will be good practice for my Christmas travel in a few weeks when I’ll spend a couple days traveling and lots of days when it will be tough to exercise per usual.