Not running


I realize this has nothing to do with the post…but I couldn’t find a more appropriate photo so why not an awesome DC picture?

I love running. Most of the time. But I also really enjoy other kinds of exercise as well. While marathon training, I tell myself I’m going to cross train a lot. Hahaha. That doesn’t happen. As much as I would like it to, finding time to run 30+ miles a week is hard enough, even when I make it my top priority for the week. Finding a few more hours to strength train is hard.

While in the “off season” (I don’t feel like I’m a hard core enough runner yet to write/say that without using quotations marks), I’ve been working out almost every day but haven’t been running much which I’m actually pretty happy about. I’ll be back to running a lot soon. I’m trying to like yoga, but haven’t been too successful yet. I don’t hate it, but I still have to tell myself it’s good for me every time I go.

Back when I was funemployed after college, I went the to YMCA in Ann Arbor and I loved it. The gym is really nice and they have a lot of really good classes so I could work out on my own and in a group which is great for learning new techniques and just to add some variety. For many months while there, I worked out twice a day a few times a week. I was hoping when I quit my job in September that more gym time was in my future, so far that has not been as true as I hoped.

I don’t like my new gym nearly as much as the A2 Y but it’s acceptable. It’s definitely a budget gym. The equipment isn’t great, luckily I don’t use cardio equipment and generally use free weights instead of machines so it’s okay. The instructors aren’t that great either but without paying for a fancy specialty gym that probably won’t improve. Their pool is great, though, which is why I switched from my nicer gym to this one.

I’ve been enjoying the last week because I’m getting back (slowly) into two-a-days occasionally and am remembering how to structure a day that includes time for running/biking/swimming and strength training or yoga.

Some tips for fitting in time for exercise:

  • If you’re busy (and who isn’t?), schedule time to work out just as you would anything else.
  • Make it a priority.
  • Find something you like doing. Don’t like running? Try swimming, or cycling, or zoomba (I watched a woman teaching zoomba in heels this week as I waited for them to clear the room!)
  • Have some basic equipment at home–a set of dumbbells is great, but you can also do a lot of exercises just using body weight. Nike Training Club is a great app with workouts you can do at home!