Running while Traveling

484737_10103173266849614_1964430959_nI didn’t think I travel that often. Perhaps this is because, for me, “travel” used to mean going to another country and I haven’t been doing that much recently. But last week a friend told me I’m gone at least a weekend a month and this shocked me. How could that be true? I’m a homebody. I don’t even especially like being away from home that much but after thinking about it, with the exception of February and March this year, I have been/will be gone at least a weekend a month (plus moves two of those months). I guess this is what comes from living a long way from family.

I’m writing this as I prepare for a trip to NYC to celebrate my mom’s 50th birthday. Running while traveling can be tough. Especially while in training. This year, I have run in the North America, Europe and Asia (to be fair, I was in Turkey for both Europe and Asia). This weekend I’ll run in Central Park.

Here are soome things to keep in mind if you’re planning to run while traveling:

  • Who are you traveling with? Are they runners? In Turkey, I was fortunate enough to be with 50 of my closest friends…er, colleagues, and many of them also run so it was easy to find a running partner to chase up a mountain.
  • If you’re following a training plan, it will be almost impossible to stick with it. Prepare for this. It’s okay.
  • Schedule time to run. Many people do this at home, do it while traveling too!
  • If you’re traveling for fun, many times this involves lots and lots of walking. So, many you missed a 5 mile run but you walked 12 miles through museums, around town, to dinner.
  • Packing. I always pack my running gear first. Whatever I need for running. It’s really easy to forget something. I’m much more upset if I realize I don’t have all of my running gear than if I don’t have all of my other stuff. Before my marathon in October, I repeatedly had dreams that I got to the start line and didn’t have my running shoes.
  • If you’re traveling for a race, have whatever you need for the race with you. I am always too worried about losing a checked bag so I keep race necessities in my carry-on.