Monthly Archive: November, 2013

Happy Birthday, Jean!

Today is Jean’s birthday! She is lucky since she loves Thanksgiving and she loves birthdays, so the end of November is pretty awesome for her. I will start this post with a story… Continue reading

Happy Thanksgiving!

It’s Thanksgiving, apart from having one less class this week and more time to finish end-of-semester-schoolwork, I’m celebrating the holiday with my friend Heather and her family in Virginia. I’ve never been Thanksgiving’s… Continue reading

Girls on the Run

Girls on the Run is a great organization that uses training for a 5k to talk about body image, healthy living and other important topics with 3rd – 5th grade girls.  The organization… Continue reading

Back to training

The most valuable part of marathon training is learning to run when you don’t want to. As I said in a previous post, sometimes I hate running. During my first marathon, I hated… Continue reading


I have no problem speaking in public. I often say this is because my dad is a pastor and as long as I can remember has been speaking in front of people, so… Continue reading

ISO new energy chews

I love Honey Stingers. they are tasty and give me calories on long runs. But, all of a sudden in October, they started making me sick. I’m fructose intolerant and can’t have honey… Continue reading

Recovery sucks.

I went to a party this weekend and a friend was bragging to people that I ran a marathon (the party was full of runners). I’m still uncomfortable saying I ran a marathon.… Continue reading

Not running

I love running. Most of the time. But I also really enjoy other kinds of exercise as well. While marathon training, I tell myself I’m going to cross train a lot. Hahaha. That… Continue reading


After a whirlwind weekend in NYC celebrating my mom’s birthday, I’m getting back into real life. Only three weeks of classes left! So exciting! We had a great hotel less than a block… Continue reading

I need feminism because…

Recently I’ve been seeing photos from a project showing that feminism benefits everyone. I don’t know a whole lot about these campaigns, but the majority of the pictures are very good. Men and… Continue reading

Running while Traveling

I didn’t think I travel that often. Perhaps this is because, for me, “travel” used to mean going to another country and I haven’t been doing that much recently. But last week a… Continue reading

I hate [almost] every run until 3 miles

I often hear people say they hate running. Or they only run when being chased. I understand. I hate running too. For about three miles. Almost every time I run. For the first… Continue reading

I love my training group!

I had done three half marathons when Jessica caught me at a weak moment and I said I’d do a marathon with her. She recalls this series of events a bit differently. After… Continue reading

Why I run…hint: it’s NOT to be skinny.

For my 19th birthday, I asked my dad for running shoes and my mom for running clothes. And that’s what I got. I laced up my Mizunos and went out for a run… Continue reading