I hate yoga. I don’t hate many things, but every time I try yoga I come out feeling frustrated, confused and pissed off that I just gave an hour of my life to something so boring yet hard. So, after a couple year break, I decided to try yoga again today. I didn’t hate it. Though it wasn’t awesome, I’m going to try to start going once a week.

Why did I go if I have never liked yoga? Well, I figure it might be one of those things that I can learn to like. Maybe. I ran 19.5 miles yesterday and my whole body has been feeling really tight the last couple of weeks so I decided maybe yoga would help out (I probably shouldn’t have waited until running almost 20 miles to decide this). Turns out, it did. I was a bit sore when I woke up this morning but after yoga I’m feeling much better.

The class was okay. I’m a member of a gym near my house and classes are free for members. At other gyms, I’ve been a regular at many classes but this was the first time I’ve tried one here. The instructor was annoying. To be kind. She was full of herself and bragged that she may be a little tired because she’d already run three miles this morning and done yoga at home before coming. She repeated this several times.

The poses we did, though, were good for opening my hips and lots of downward dogs helped loosen my calves up. We didn’t hold anything for too long which was good for me because that’s when I get frustrated and bored.

I’ll probably start going most Sunday morning, I just wish that the instructor could change!